World Elephant Day

Happy World Elephant Day! If you know me then you know one thing I love just as much as fashion are animals. In February 2020, Logan and I had the opportunity to play with, feed, and bathe rescued elephants in Koh Samui, Thailand!

We chose Elephant Jungle Sanctuary because is an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism sanctuary for elephants. We learned about this company from my cousins Katie & Joe who booked this experience for their honeymoon a few months prior and LOVED it! Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has three locations in Koh Samui, Chang Mai, and Pattaya Phuket. With the money they raise for admissions they are able to provide food and care for these elephants who were once abused, mistreated or used for riding (which is extremely horrible for these creatures!). The cost for a half-day with the elephants was 1700 Bhat or ~$56 USD and the sanctuary workers came and picked you up at your hotel/Airbnb and dropped you off at the end.

Elephants eat a huge amount, needing to consume 330-660lbs of food each day just to survive! An elephant’s diet typically consists of a variety of jungle plants, fruits, and vegetables. When we fed these beautiful creatures they were so gentle and appreciative. The elephants would grab the food from your hand with their trunk and bring the food to their mouth one by one, over and over again. I was SHOCKED with how many buckets of food they were able to consume in such a short period of time.

The reason elephants are one of my favorite animals is because they are self-aware and highly intelligent. They exhibit human-like behavior such as learning, mimicry, play, co-operation and the creation and use of tools. They also experience a broad array of emotions, such as grief, happiness, and compassion. It was beyond amazing to experience these qualities first-hand.

If you ever venture to Thailand I would totally recommend this experience. You could tell the elephants were well taken care of and that your money was going towards their large amounts of food required per day and their care. It was so obvious to us that the people who worked at the sanctuary were well educated on elephant care and that they had so much love for these creatures!

Outfit Details:

My white v neck shirt is the best T-shirt I have ever owned, hands down! I got it at Urban Outfitters and am wearing a size small. I love to lounge in this top or wear it with jeans. The material is amazing quality, but pretty see through so I always pair it with one of my Free People Bralettes.

My cozy grey sweat-shorts are from Aerie and are so cozy for lounging or sleeping! I linked a similar pair here.

My ribbed, black deep v swimsuit is also from Aerie a few years ago. I linked a similar from Abercrombie here.

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