Z’s 2020 Bathing Suit Bible

Let’s be honest finding the perfect fit with online shopping can be hard–especially online swimsuit shopping. In this post I will review some of the swimsuit brands I have purchased online this season: one-pieces, bikinis, underwire, triangle top, deep v, puff sleeve– you name it I’ve probably tried it! I will get into the details of sizing, price, quality, and of course return policy. Also, thank you to all of you who replied to my insta poll (follow me @speakofchic if you’re not already) with your favorite swimsuit brands. It helped me discover a few brands I had never even heard of and I love to hear where you guys shop as well! I will share those new brands with you as well as some suits & brands I am looking to buy in the future.

1. WeWoreWhat

I will start with WeWoreWhat’s swimsuits since I purchased 5 of these this season (1 is on backorder and I am SOOO excited to finally receive it when I arrive back in Cincy!)

WeWoreWhat, owned by Danielle Bernstein, carries swimsuits, coverups, denim, overalls, jumpsuits, and she is even releasing an athletic line this month (8.18.2020). You can find these suits on her shopwww site, Revolve, Intermix, Everything But Water, Blommies, and Saks.

I clearly would rate these swim suits very highly because I have purchased so many, but let me get into the details so you can find your perfect www suit…

Sizing: All 4 suits run true to size for me. I am wearing a size small in all suits pictured below (both tops and bottoms).

Quality: The fabric for all of the swimsuits pictured are the same (or pretty close) and is really great quality! As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, none of the tops have padding included or space for you to put your own removable pads, so if this is a deal breaker for you then you can skip to #2! At first, I was not sure if I would be okay with the lack of padding, but the fabric is pretty thick so I took the chance! I think it is also important for me to note that the Danielle one piece (cow print) is pretty high cut on the lower half both in the front and back for a cheekier look. I ended up liking this look and I think it is flattering because it makes your legs look longer.

Price: These suits come with a pretty hefty price tag with a suit costing around $200. One pieces are usually ~$195 and tops and bottoms are ~$90 EACH. Have no fear though…. I have tips for you so you do not have to pay full price (I only paid full price for one of my suits from WWW and it was my preorder of her bestselling brown cowhide bikini).

Okay, so how do you get these suits on sale? I found that Bloomingdales has really great sales especially for your first in-app purchase, I got 15% off my first order. If you haven’t shopped Revolve before, they also give you 10% off your first in-app order. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Shopweworewhat.com sale page. These suits are a range of % off full price –up to ~50%! When I purchased the top 3 suits below, I got ahold of her EXTRA20 promo code for her July flash sale. If you have your eye on one of these suits, I would watch her insta for future promo codes because I got a really great deal!

Sets sold separately: Yes. (I think this is very important to note because we are not all the same size on top and on bottom)!

Returns: Here’s where the major sale gets a little tricky, unfortunately if you shop WWW on sale some items say “final sale” so be careful. I had already tried one of her suits before, so I took the big risk with buying 3 more that were not returnable and I don’t regret it because I loved all 3!!

If you shop these suits at Revolve or Blommies, they have an AMAZING return policy. They both ship you a return label with every purchase to make your life easy. If you do make a return, they also email you updates to help you track your refund which is really helpful.

Bonus: I got the cow bandana to match my WWW swimsuit at Revolve. Head scarves in the sun are a game changer for scalp and ear sunburn-plus they are waterproof and don’t blow away like a sunhat!

Overall score: 9/10. I would give these swimsuits a perfect score if the price was consistently more affordable.

2. Abercrombie

This season, I also purchased 2 swimsuits from Abercrombie‘s swim line. A one piece and bikini both in the same powder blue color which I am loving right now!

Sizing: Both suits run true to size for me, and I am wearing a size small in both suits (top and bottom for bikini).

Quality: The quality of my Abercrombie suits surprised me upon arrival and were better than I expected! The fabric is very nice and thick- especially the ribbed fabric. The bikini top comes with removable pads that actually stay put in the washer! The high cut of the bikini bottoms was super flattering and is adjustable on your hips for your comfort and body type. The one piece had perfect coverage for me as it was not too low cut on the top and not too high cut on the lower half in the front or the back.

Price: The one piece was originally $60 and the Bikini was originally $40 for top and $40 for bottom(so $80 total). I got these suits at the beginning of the season (in April) for $44.00 for the one piece and $13.50 per top/ bottom. I LOVE a good sale!

Sets sold separately: Yes.

Returns: Abercrombie also has a great return policy. They send you a return label with every purchase to make for an easy return! They also provide email updates on return processing.

Overall score: 8/10.

3. Triangl

Triangl is an exclusively online swimsuit company started in Australia that mainly only sells swimwear. I ordered a swimsuit from this company ~6 years ago and really loved it until I wore it out. I just ordered my second Triangl suit this season and am in LOVE with my pink sparkly bikini!

Sizing: I am wearing true to size. Small bottoms (cheeky, because why not!?) and S+ top. My recommendation is that if you are between sizes, I would size up. Their site has a really helpful in-depth sizing guide along with a live chat to assist you if needed. They have a size (S, M, L, etc) and a + for girls who have a wider cup size and less underboob. I opted for this because I hate when an underwire digs into my side/ underarm. For reference, my bra size is a 34 C.

Quality: The suit I ordered is great quality! The sparkly material looks even better in person. There is no padding in the one I chose, but the fabric is thick enough that it doesn’t matter. My best friend found this suit in gold (#twinning) and I totally copied because we love to match. Hers pulled/pilled a bit from sitting on concrete, so beware of this!! My only negative review is that the sparkles can be a little itchy at times on the straps.

Price: This suit is $89 for both top and bottom. Out of the suits I’m writing about in this post, I would say Triangls are the best quality for price ratio (full price taken into account). FYI I’m no mathematician this is just my opinion. The only bad thing about Triangl is that shipping is $20 flat rate, no matter how many suits you order. This kind of hurts my soul. I would suggest maybe ordering with a friend and splitting the shipping cost. On the plus side– every swimsuit comes with a different matching bag to put it in. Mine was really cute so it may make up for the shipping price tag. Plus I needed a new travel cosmetic bag!

Sets sold separately: No, but you are allowed to choose a different size for top and bottom! You also have the option on some suits to choose more coverage bottoms or cheeky bottoms depending on what you prefer.

Returns: I did not have to deal with returns thankfully, but I read on trangl’s site they will not refund your $20 shipping fee and you are in charge of covering costs for shipping your returns. It may be better to post these puppies to Poshmark and pocket your matching bag!

Overall Score: 8/10 With a lower shipping fee and better return policy Triangl could be a 10!

4. Eberjey

I found this swimsuit brand via Revolve back in April. I was on a mission to find a cute white swimsuit for my bachelorette party and this was going to be the one (FU COVID19, but now I have another year to keep looking for an even better option).

Eberjey Bikini Top and Bottom From Revolve

Size: This suit is true to size. I am wearing a small in both top and bottom. If you’re thinking of this suit and are between sizes, I would consider sizing up.

Quality: I was really pleased with the quality of this swimsuit! I loved the subtle detail of the strips in the white fabric and the ruffles on the top paired with a very simple matching bottom. The top has removable pads and ties in the back so you can make it as tight or as loose as you want.

Price: The top of this suit was $108 and the bottoms were $88. Honestly, I think this is steep for what you get. I paid full price because as I mentioned it was for my bachelorette party and there weren’t many white suits at that time of year. Desperate times!!

Sets sold separately: Yes.

Return Policy: As I mentioned above, if you buy these suits from Revolve you will have an amazing return experience. This lead me to Eberjey’s site to inquire regarding their return policy… I found out that you have 14 days to return your suit for a full refund, but only for the price of the suit and tax, not shipping costs (unsure what those are, but hopefully less than $20 @Triangl!!).

Overall Score: 7/10. I would give this rating because of the price and because its just not a very exciting swimsuit to me. Would I buy this suit again? probably not…


I purchased multiple suits from SHEIN in March and even before that. Since then; however, my opinion has changed about this company (due to offensive merch) and I will not be supporting them in the future. You may make your own decision about this, but I will post some of the suits that worked out well for me without the links and mention the bad ones to help you have the best possible shopping experience if you so choose!

Size: When I shopped at SHEIN I ALWAYS sized up to a medium because things tend to run really small.

Quality: These suits are not known for their quality, but occasionally you get a couple that surprise you in a good way! I have probably ordered 20 suits from SHEIN and I love two (pictured), some are just okay and some I hated. The ones I loved were a white ruffle one piece and a white cinched bikini. The one piece has padding with a really low cut and the bikini does not have any padding. My advice is to really read the description and customer reviews to determine what exactly to expect because you really never know.

Price: These suits range from ~$7- $12 TOTAL for top and bottom or a one piece! The saying you get what you pay for is true for these swim suits…They are very inconsistent with quality.

Sets sold separately: No. You must order the same size top and bottom which may be a deal breaker for a lot of body types.

Return Policy: I honestly have never bothered to return anything from SHEIN because they are so cheap and come from China (I imagine you have to pay for return shipping, but I really don’t know). I usually donate these suits to Goodwill because if they don’t work out for me they may for someone else!

Overall Score: 4/10. My opinion on the company aside, shopping at SHEN is a gamble, but when you win its really great! In my opinion, you could spend more money and time trying to find a perfect suit from SHEIN when you could just go ahead a buy something a little more expensive that you have a better chance with.

Other Swimsuit Brands I Can’t Wait to Try!

  1. Devon Windsor: I loved the coverup (pictured and linked above) I ordered so much that I can’t wait to try one of her suits!
  2. Camila Coelho
  3. Monday Swimwear
  4. Same

Swimsuit Brands My Followers Are Shopping

  1. You Swim
  2. Asos
  3. Aerie
  4. Same
  5. For Love and Lemons
  6. Becca
  7. American Eagle
  8. Zaful
  9. Inamorata

I hope this is a helpful guide for your online swimsuit shopping! As always, if you have any questions or need help with shopping I am always available and consider myself a pro shopper! I will be sure to update this list for you as I try new suits. Thank you for reading!!

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