One Love

One love for this fit! Faux leather joggers x an oversized sweatshirt is so stylish & cozy for fall 2020. My blogger friend @sanyamaria reverse dyed this dark grey sweatshirt from Aerie with bleach and it turned out so cool! My faux leather joggers are from Anthropologie last year but I linked some similar joggers here for you.

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Nobu Chicago

I found this sign in Chicago and I just loved what it said: “Thread the Needle, Flex your Hustle.” This mural really resonated with me because it is my dream to learn to sew and to one day design my own clothes! Sooo of course I took some pics by it. The weather in Chicago felt like the most perfect fall weather. I love the babydoll dress x Chelsea boot combo for the summer to fall transition period! You can shop my look here.

Logan and I drove from Cincinnati to Chicago (about 4.5 hrs) to visit my blogger friend @sanyamaria and her blogless bf Trevor for the weekend. We stayed at the brand new Nobu Hotel located in the West Loop on Friday night when we arrived. The hotel was so modern and very chic. It included every amenity you could dream of including a full length mirror, an amazing indoor pool, a Nespresso machine in your room, a personal flatiron, steamer, etc. One of the best parts was the Dyson hair dryer -now I really want one!

The Nobu restaurant was not yet open, but they had some of their star dishes available on their rooftop including the yellow tail jalapeño, tuna tacos and the crispy rice-some of the very best dishes if you ask me. The vibe x food is unbeatable and it was so cool to finally cross staying @ Nobu off my bucket list!

Nobu Mirror Selfie!
Nobu Rooftop with @sanyamaria
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Carry-on Essentials

Check out my carry-on travel essentials linked here! I got this adorable pink mask yesterday at The Most Beautiful Thing in the World is Boutique in OTR. I think it is my favorite yet because it is so soft and comfortable! They have light pink, dark pink, light purple, bright orange, black & white. If you’re not local to Cincinnati you can shop their online store. They seriously have the latest and greatest in fashion!

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World Elephant Day

Happy World Elephant Day! If you know me then you know one thing I love just as much as fashion are animals. In February 2020, Logan and I had the opportunity to play with, feed, and bathe rescued elephants in Koh Samui, Thailand!

We chose Elephant Jungle Sanctuary because is an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism sanctuary for elephants. We learned about this company from my cousins Katie & Joe who booked this experience for their honeymoon a few months prior and LOVED it! Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has three locations in Koh Samui, Chang Mai, and Pattaya Phuket. With the money they raise for admissions they are able to provide food and care for these elephants who were once abused, mistreated or used for riding (which is extremely horrible for these creatures!). The cost for a half-day with the elephants was 1700 Bhat or ~$56 USD and the sanctuary workers came and picked you up at your hotel/Airbnb and dropped you off at the end.

Elephants eat a huge amount, needing to consume 330-660lbs of food each day just to survive! An elephant’s diet typically consists of a variety of jungle plants, fruits, and vegetables. When we fed these beautiful creatures they were so gentle and appreciative. The elephants would grab the food from your hand with their trunk and bring the food to their mouth one by one, over and over again. I was SHOCKED with how many buckets of food they were able to consume in such a short period of time.

The reason elephants are one of my favorite animals is because they are self-aware and highly intelligent. They exhibit human-like behavior such as learning, mimicry, play, co-operation and the creation and use of tools. They also experience a broad array of emotions, such as grief, happiness, and compassion. It was beyond amazing to experience these qualities first-hand.

If you ever venture to Thailand I would totally recommend this experience. You could tell the elephants were well taken care of and that your money was going towards their large amounts of food required per day and their care. It was so obvious to us that the people who worked at the sanctuary were well educated on elephant care and that they had so much love for these creatures!

Outfit Details:

My white v neck shirt is the best T-shirt I have ever owned, hands down! I got it at Urban Outfitters and am wearing a size small. I love to lounge in this top or wear it with jeans. The material is amazing quality, but pretty see through so I always pair it with one of my Free People Bralettes.

My cozy grey sweat-shorts are from Aerie and are so cozy for lounging or sleeping! I linked a similar pair here.

My ribbed, black deep v swimsuit is also from Aerie a few years ago. I linked a similar from Abercrombie here.

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Pandemic Plane Travel

If you have been following along then you know I just got back from spending two weeks in one of my favorite places: St. John, USVI. And that Logan and I were supposed to have all of our friends and family here in June 2020 for our wedding, but due to COVID-19 this was pushed to June 2021. Because we had flights/ Airbnb’s booked for this year, my family and I made the decision to take a much needed trip to paradise.

Believe me, we went back and forth many times on whether or not it was safe for airport travel with the ongoing pandemic. We watched the case numbers closely and of course we took every precaution known to man including masks (duh wear a mask), sanitizer, Chlorox wipes, frequent hand washing, no eating on the plane, limited drinking, etc. I want to start by saying I am no epidemiologist or pandemic expert, I just want to use this post to share my experience and how I felt during my travels in case any of you are considering air travel in the near future!

On the way there, we flew American Airlines CVG (cincy) to STT (St. Thomas) The first flight was a tiny plane with 2 seats on one side and 1 on the other. I was on the 2 seat side directly next to Logan and the seat across from us was empty. This was the most ideal situation to minimize being in close proximity to any strangers. We had about a 5 minute layover in Miami. No exaggeration here- we got off the first plane and walked right onto the already boarding second flight. This was much appreciated because we spent as little time sitting around the airport as possible. The flight was not ideal TBH because it was full and I was not able to sit next to Logan- we were in diagonal isle seats (UGH team window all the way). But oh well, I had my face mask and my silk eye mask and I slept the whole way there.

The St. Thomas airport took its own precautions for keeping people safe from COVID-19. Our temperatures were taken immediately when we deplaned. Also, if you arrived from a state considered a “hotspot” (more than 10% of state population testing + for COVID-19) you had to prove a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of arrival. Lucky for us, Ohio was not one of these states, so we did not require a test. We left the airport and headed to the ferry. My mom scheduled a private bus to take us to the ferry so it was just our family. Normally they stack you like sardines into these vehicles, so this was a really nice change. Next, we took an open air ferry over to St. John.

In between all of the transportation we had an amazing vacation! We would briefly forget about the pandemic until we went to a restaurant or market where we had to dawn our masks and were reminded. Check out my insta @speakofchic for some amazing pics!

Fast forward to the end of our vacation… we flew home with American Airlines, STT to CVG with another layover in Miami. Prior to even checking in for our flight I was anxiety ridden because AA was offering a deal to change anyones flight from Saturday to Tuesday for no charge- this meant the flight was full. Thankfully some passengers must have taken advantage of this deal because Logan and I were able to snag a row all to ourselves-Ideal for any travel day if you ask me! Next, we had a three hour layover in Miami, but the Miami airport was MUCH less crowded than normal. Finally, Logan and I boarded our last plane for Cincy and were able to sit together again.

From my experience, air travel felt safe because extreme precautions are being taken by airlines, airports and travelers to minimize the spread of germs. I personally appreciate that everyone seems aware of their hygiene and personal space (also less people engage in conversation which a HUGE plus for an introvert like me). I am also really happy that COVID-19 has made travelers realize that traveling when you have symptoms of illness is no longer okay. These are my first pandemic plane experiences. I am really just so happy I was able to getaway with my family on a much needed trip to paradise!

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My Top Beach Essentials

My pink sparkly swim swimsuit is from Triangl! I am wearing a S+ top and Small bottoms. I love their suits and their online size guide is really helpful in determining the perfect fit for you!

Here are some essential items (pictured above) I take to the beach with me:

Beach Bag (Anthropologie): I bought this bag in store at Anthro because the leather is SO soft! For this trip, I used it as my airplane carry-on and beach bag duo, Linked

Magnetic Sun Hat Clip (Lindsay Albanese Toptote): This leather magnetic hat clip is perfect for airport travel as well as keeping your hat clipped to your beach bag at the beach so it does not blow away! I recently got this clip and I love it! It matches my bag so well it looks like it came with it! Linked

Sun Hat (Roxy): Love this sunhat! Eat Cake Straw boater Hat, linked

Turkish Towel (Rhythm): These Turkish towels are easy to pack in a suitcase/ beach bag! Similar Rhythm Turkish towel linked

Supergoop Sunscreen (Amazon): This sunscreen is reef safe & goes on very lightly + works effectively, linked

Sunglasses (Rayban): The Erika, similar pair linked

Kindle: Currently reading The Couple Next Door

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